About us

We are two feminist psychologists, that are immersed in the process of departing from the traditional practices of mental health care. In that procedure, we are trying to create safe spaces where we can expose our vulnerabilities unapologetically and embrace the diversity of identities.

We aim to include a gender perspective in psychology and to support groups of people that are being oppressed by the structure of society and traditional psychology.

About the foundation

The hedgehog foundation aims at bringing the gender perspective in psychology closer to people that feel that traditional psychology oppresses them, as well as to mental health professionals that want to become more inclusive in their practice.

As feminist psychologists, we are interested not only in the individual, but the collective and the common. “The personal is political” and what we do in our individual practice reflects the society and the change we want to do. Despite feminist psychology working in a small scale, we aim at a bigger, more holistic change in our society, by breaking ourselves free from normative oppressive powers, one person at a time. We also believe in the creation of spaces where we can support each other and subvert dominant structures. We want to include collective care and affective relationships that are not hierarchical and do not reproduce normative, patriarchal standards.

In our foundation, we attempt to challenge preconceived ideas of therapy and individual care. We try doing that by offering group therapy and support groups but also by organizing workshops for people interested in learning more about the gender perspective in psychology.