About me

I finished my Bachelor in Psychology in Thessaloniki, Greece in 2016. After my Graduation I volunteered in KETHEA, a drug addiction therapy center in Thessaloniki, where I worked with the families of the members of the center. In 2017 I moved in the Netherlands, where I completed a Masters in Clinical Psychology, from the University of Leiden. In 2020, I completed a Masters in Gender Studies in Utrecht University. Currently, I am one of the founders and the co-therapist of CARE, a support group for victims/ survivors of sexual violence. CARE is taken upon and sponsored by the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

My moving to the Netherlands and my experience as an expat, as well as my experience in the Dutch academia have prepared me to work with immigration and adjustment problems, as well as grief, academic stress and anxiety. Trauma, and especially gender-specific violence and sexual trauma are in the area of my interests and growing expertise.

In my practice, I try to combine my training in clinical psychology with a gender perspective in psychology, or feminist psychotherapy, where certain behaviors are being de-pathologized. Moreover, I try to bring the social and cultural origins and meanings of those behaviours in the centre of the therapeutic process when useful. I follow an integrative approach to psychotherapy, meaning that I use techniques from various schools of psychotherapy but mostly Gestalt therapy and Emotion-Focused therapy, depending on the client’s needs and wishes.

I offer therapy in Greek and in English.


Member of the Netherlands Institute of Psychologists (NIP)

NIP number: 230038