Are you considering having someone who could accompany you throughout a particular -difficult, uncertain- moment?

Do you feel vulnerable when thinking about pains, discomforts, struggles that are stuck in you, playing a central role in your life?

Do you consider that it is already time to recover your voice and your actions but it is hard for you to take the step?

Are you tired of feeling yourself as a burden just because of who you are in a context that does not recognize you?

Would you like to explore and reconcile with yourself by putting care and affection on the first line?

So, if you feel that it is time to find a safe space where you can open up yourself either to solve a problem or for personal growth and empowerment fill in the contact form that you will find below. I will get back to you as soon as possible and we can organize an introductory free session to explore our possibilities.

I offer online and in-person sessions in Utrecht (Aquamarijnlaan 17B, 3523 EK)

*If there is no answer through the contact form, please try with the email or send me a short DM on Instagram


Contact Form

Update «Do not use this contact form».

We are working on the contact form, so please call me to 0649134584 or send an email to