Specialized in Gender (UU) and in Contextual Therapies (UA), with a preference for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

My interest lies in dissecting those everyday life experiences that cause us suffering. I passionately address the struggles that we better face together by creating a horizontal relationship with the people I work with. I focus on the mechanisms that facilitate our resilience, as well as on care as a tool.

My departing point is the power of shared vulnerability, fragility and pain through complicity, from where we recover our agency. Besides, I invest my time with you facing those structures in which we are sometimes entangled and prevent us from action such as guilt or shame, developing coping skills framed from a gender perspective.

Main areas:

-anxiety-depressive symptoms

-expat experiences

-LGBTQIA+ counselling

-gender and sexual identity

-victim-survivors of sexual violence and/or GBV (gender-based violence),

-women empowerment

-sexual-affective relationships

Feminist Coach

Mental health is a spectrum we navigate across. Sometimes, our needs are different from those of psychology.

Coaching represents an effective way to assist people in discovering their potentials and put them in the condition of fulfilling their life goals. It is also a professional practice that accompany people throughout their personal processes and life transitions. We love #safetogether. As an addition, feminist coaching includes working on self-esteem, values, self-management, motivation, responsibility, and commitment to oneself.

Their Experiences

This is a safe space for everyone, where you are respected and listened to. Where you feel understood and seen, where you are not judged. Where you are working towards goals that have to do with you feeling healthy, not what society regards as healthy.

A. L. (29, Netherlands)

Working with Angela was my first experience with a psychologist and I was lucky to have her. She was attentive, supportive and tolerant. My work with her, although short, had an important effect on my life and even though I was afraid to start new processes I do not regret.

O. (27, Poland)

Ángela te escucha con los ojos. La mirada atenta de la que te da presencia porque, para Ángela, hacerte visible es prioritario. Y lo consigue con su implicación plena. Ángela acompaña, amable y cuidadosa, la estela que desprendas para que te permitas ser; puedes bailar o acurrucarte, ella no tirará del hilo que te coarta, sino que sujetará uno de sus cabos con delicadeza para que, si te pierdes, puedas acudir a ella con tu madeja enmarañada.

Yo he sido en varias ocasiones con todos mis nudos, de colores y grosores diversos, metidos en una caja y enredados, a ver a Ángela, y con un café, un dulce y su serenidad y alegría, hemos convertido la maraña y el momento en un paisaje soleado. Es entonces cuando sientes que Ángela es un espacio seguro y que todo está bien, y mejor que tú puedes estar bien si abres tu corazón a la intuición y sabiduría que Ángela pone en tus manos.

Éstas se vuelven mágicas y hábiles para desenredarte, para coserte tus rotos, vestirte con ellos, decorarlos con mimo y para caminar tu albedrío único con paz y confianza. En ese instante luminoso, cuando he mirado hacia detrás, allí estaba Ángela, sonriente, y sus ojos decían: vuela!

L. (Spain)
My personal experience with Angela was genuinely unique. It was the first time I had reached out for professional help, something I was quite reluctant to get into.
From the introductory session, she made me feel comfortable and at ease. I have been having difficulties in my personal life for several years and always thought the 
source of the problem is my character or past experiences. Many times it felt like my loved ones were not giving me a neutral viewpoint which was making me doubt 
myself even more. Therapy with Angela has been an eye-opening experience because it reassured me of who I am. This has given me great confidence and self-fulfillment. 
Since then, I have never felt happier in my own skin. Thank you, Angela. 
V. Lucinschi (27, Moldova)

“Looking for a therapist as an expat in the Netherlands was a stressful process until I found Ángela.
She gave me the feeling of home that I was craving and made everything seem more manageable.
She took me by the hand and made me understand that I wasn’t supposed to fix myself but accept
my vulnerabilities and work towards finding healthier coping mechanisms. The sessions in her cozy
office were a weekly meeting that I was actually looking forward to, where I knew I was being
heard without judgement and I could express myself freely. I would definitely recommend working
with Ángela if you’re looking for a source of tranquility and balance in this whirlwind that we call

T.B. (23, Spain)

I am so thankful that I found Ángela! I initially contacted her for a specific reason but most of our sessions ended up being much more general and I learnt a lot about myself and how I form relationships with others, which has already had a really positive impact on my life. She immediately made me feel very at ease with her warm and friendly manner. I would definitely recommend her!

N.G. (U.K.)
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